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Do you have any questions about ZB MED`s services or the range of literature we offer? Or maybe you need some tips on how to run searches in LIVIVO?

Phone: +49 (0)221 478-5685

Cologne Site

Medicine and Health

ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences
Gleueler Straße 60
50931 Cologne (Köln)

Bonn Site

Nutritional, Environmental and Agricultural Sciences

ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences
Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 4
53115 Bonn




An infrastructure and research centre for data and information in the life sciences.

Our Bonn site

Literature and resources from the fields of nutritional, environmental and agricultural sciences.

Lending in Bonn

On-site access to the library's holdings is available to everyone.

Due to the physical links with the Branch Library of Bonn University and State Library, the general rules of conduct – as well as the obligations and rights that exist between users and the library – are regulated by the Library Regulations of ULB Bonn which apply in the ZB MED’s Bonn site in a correspondingly modified form. 

If you are intending to make a trip to our Bonn site from some distance away, please feel free to get in touch by phone first on +49 (0)228 73–3400. We may be able to clarify some issues in advance to help you make the most of your visit.


To find the item you are looking for, please consult the catalogue to check its location and shelf mark.

Journals cannot be taken out on loan. All journal issues from 1980 onwards are available from open access shelving. If you wish to browse older journals on the library premises, you can submit a request for the items you need by handing in an order slip.

ZB MED has an ongoing policy of acquiring electronic specialist literature in the life sciences and making this available to registered ZB MED users via ZB MED remote access

Loan period, renewals, maximum number of items

The loan period for books is 28 days (only counting days on which the library is open). Books can be renewed on two occasions as long as they have not been reserved by another user. The loan period for textbooks is also 28 days, but these cannot be renewed. There is a limit to the number of media that a user can have out on loan at the same time.

Returns, lost items

Books must be returned during the opening hours of the library's lending desk. If you lose or damage an item you have out on loan, you will be liable for the cost of replacing the item.