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Conference detail

Conference details

05.12.2023 - 06.12.2023

EACR-AstraZeneca Cancer Epigenetics

Virtual event (worldwide access)

Hannah Barrs <>

United Kingdom

Epigenetic control is essential for development and differentiation, and this control mechanism is very frequently deregulated in cancer. Several small molecule inhibitors have been developed in recent years that have either been approved for clinical use or are in preclinical and clinical trials. This conference will focus on basic and clinical aspects of targeting a broad panel of epigenetic proteins in cancer, either as monotherapies, or as combination therapies, including the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors to increase drug sensitivity and overcome chemoresistance.

Topics to be covered include epigenetic regulation in cancer development and maintenance, novel epigenetic targets, drug resistance, combination therapies, and applications in clinical trials. The target audience for this virtual conference is scientists in both academia and industry who are interested in how epigenetic targeted therapy can be used for genetically targeted and combination therapies, including immune-based cancer therapies. The conference will focus on the mechanistic aspects of gene regulation and cellular plasticity, drug development as well as clinical trials using epigenetic targeted therapies.

Speakers: Ho Man Chan (Head of Epigenetics, Research, & Development: AstraZeneca, USA), Mark Dawson (Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Australia), Ernesto Guccione (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA), Kristian Helin (The Institute of Cancer Research, UK), Ricky Johnstone (Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Australia), Cigall Kadoch (Harvard Medical School, USA), Melissa B. Pappalardi (GSK, USA), Oliver Raush (Storm Therapeutics, UK), Eytan Stein (MSKCC, USA), Celine Vallot (Institut Curie, France), Jingwen Zhang (Associate Director: AstraZeneca, USA)

Keywords: epigenetics, molecule inhibitors, epigenetic proteins in cancer, monotherapies, combination therapies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, drug discovery, drug sensitivity, chemoresistance, genetically targeted cancer therapy, novel epigenetic targets, drug resistance, clinical cancer trials, cancer research, oncology


Abstract submission deadline: 09 October 2023

Registration deadline: 13 November 2023