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Document delivery

From now on we will be processing all standard and express orders exclusively in collaboration with our partner subito.

To use our document delivery service, you can simply sign up for a subito user account – it’s easy! If you submit an order through LIVIVO, the library supplying the item will automatically be set to ZB MED. That means you can still expect to receive the same fast and reliable service as before. You can choose to receive the items you order via email as PDF files (DRM protected where applicable), by post, or by fax. 
At the same time, we are discontinuing our direct order service and full service option. But rest assured that we will still be offering the same high-quality document delivery service as always. 
If you have any questions at all about our document delivery service, please contact our customer service team.

Delivery methods

Non-returnable documents

are sent or made available in the form of copies by post, by fax or electronically by e-mail or FTP.

Please make sure you clearly indicate your desired method of delivery. If you do not specify a preferred method of delivery, we will deliver the item by post as a paper copy.

Note that if an item cannot be delivered by electronic means, it will automatically be sent by post.

All postal deliveries include a delivery note. In the case of electronic or fax deliveries, the delivery note will be included with the items either electronically or by fax. Invoices are sent separately.

Returnable items

Returnable items are dispatched by ZB MED in the form of a package. The loan period is generally four weeks from the date of dispatch. The library may reduce the loan period if this becomes necessary for administrative reasons or any other reasons.
Once you have finished with an item, you must return it by post in the form of a package. Note that you are liable for the cost of postage. For peace of mind, we recommend that you request a certificate of posting. Note that the party who ordered the item is liable in the event of damage or loss. Liability in this case generally comprises the cost of replacing the lost item and a handling fee as stipulated in section 2.2 of the scale of fees and charges issued by ZB MED  – Information Centre for Life Sciences (annex to § 2 (1) of the regulations on fees and charges). The same terms and conditions apply to the use of the document delivery service SUBITO.

Arrangements can be made with industry clients, commercial customers and libraries allowing a maximum of 50 books to be taken out on loan simultaneously, and introducing the option of reservations.

Overdue fines shall be charged for any items that are returned late in accordance with § 1 of the ZB MED regulations on fees and charges.

All other borrowing terms and conditions are governed by ZB MED's Library regulations. Exceptions to the borrowing arrangements are listed separately.

We will inform you as soon as possible if ZB MED is unable to fill an order.

Postal delivery

Postal deliveries are handled by Deutsche Post.


Making a complaint

If you have cause to make a complaint, please get in touch with us directly: dokulieferung@zbmed.de

We will need the following details:

    • Bibliographic information on the ordered document
    • Order date
    • Order number
    • Order method / access system
    • Customer's details

    Please note that any complaints must be submitted within a maximum of 10 working days of the delivery or 14 working days after submitting the order being dispatched. Upon expiry of this period, any entitlement to subsequent deliveries shall no longer apply.

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