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Phone: +49 (0)221 478-5685

Cologne Site

Medicine and Health

ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences
Gleueler Straße 60
50931 Cologne (Köln)

Bonn Site

Nutritional, Environmental and Agricultural Sciences

ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences
Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 4
53115 Bonn




An infrastructure and research centre for data and information in the life sciences.

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National Licenses

ZB MED was one of the few negotiators in Germany for the DFG's "Classics" national licenses program, which has now expired. National licenses "Classics" were funded 100 percent by the DFG and enable scientists, students and academically interested private individuals to access journal archives free of charge. ZB MED manages access to various journals on an ongoing basis as part of the national licenses:

  • The American Physiological Society/APS Journal Legacy Content (12 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1898-1997)
  • The Endocrine Legacy (4 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1917-2003) – seit 2017 bei dem Verlag Oxford University Press als Nationallizenz verfügbar
  • Informa Healthcare Digital Archive (153 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1918-2009)
  • Journal of Clinical Oncology/ASCO (1 Zeitschrift, Jg. 1983-1998)
  • Liebert On Line Archive (59 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1980-2005)
  • Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Legacy Archive (220 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1827-2004)
  • Psychiatry Legacy Collection (4 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1844-2006)
  • The Scientific World Journal (1 Zeitschrift, Jg. 2000-2011– seit Ablauf der Nationallizenz 2012 komplett per open access verfügbar)
  • Springer E-Book Collection / Medicine (Jg. 2005-2008)
  • Thieme Zeitschriftenarchive (36 Zeitschriften, Jg. 1980-2007)


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