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The ten thousandth digitised document published by ZB MED.

Friday, 19.01.2024

ZB MED's ten thousandth digitised item published: old knowledge made newly available - quality-assured and free of charge

ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences digitises - in contrast to mass digitisation projects, for example by Google - with the so-called boutique retro-digitisation. This is a process in which particularly high-quality and quality-assured files are created through careful selection and manual processing. ZB MED makes the now ten thousand digitised items available in 25 digital collections - from physical anthropology to special plant cultivation, from obstetrics to dentistry. In particular, copyright-free holdings up to around 1920 are digitised.

The historical perspective also plays an important role in current research. This can be seen from the high number of accesses to the digital collections. ZB MED records three to four million users every year.

The ten thousandth work published by ZB MED is a dissertation from 1895 entitled Über die Verwertbarkeit der Indicanurie für die Diagnose der Tuberkulose im Kindesalter (On the usefulness of indicanuria for the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis), which was submitted in Bern by Getti Zwiebel. The dissertation is part of the Digital Collection of Infectious Diseases. 


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