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Open Marketplace: Proposal for a booth 4. - 5. July 2023

The second German Open Science Festival is a place to exchange ideas and insights on open science practices with (inter-)national experts; a place to connect with other open science enthusiasts and take part in hands-on workshops.

ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences, University and City Library of Cologne, University of Cologne, Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IMI) and CECAD are organizing the festival.

Would you like to present your project or initiative with a focus on open science during the Open Science Festival in Cologne? The marketplace is the perfect place to show others what you have achieved and connect with the community! Bring your poster (size max. A0) and, if necessary, other information material such as flyers. You will have a pin board and storage space available for this.

The booths will be placed near the catering, so everyone can easily see your poster especially during the coffee and lunch breaks.

The booth is free of charge, but you must register as a participant for the festival with one person per booth after we have confirmed your participation. If you come from a public institution, for example a university or a research institute, you pay the regular price of 120,- EURO for participation, if you come from a commercial company, the participation costs 240,- EURO.

To submit your project or initiative, please fill in the form and send it to Please use "Marketplace" as subject in your e-mail. 

The application deadline is 18 May 2023. English is the official language of the festival, therefore your application must be in English and English posters are preferred.