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15.11.2017 - 17.11.2017

Iodine in Food Systems and Health - 1. International WIA (World Iodine Association) Conference

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World Iodine Association - WIA
Keizerstraat 29
1740 Ternat


This international conference aims to bring together scientists and other stakeholders working on various aspects of iodine in food systems, to increase understanding on how variations in the earth’s supply of iodine affect human and animal health. The Scientific Steering Committee, chaired by Margaret Rayman engaged key-note speakers on iodine in the environment, food, health and industrial uses to present the state of iodine research in their fields and identify data gaps and opportunities.

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The World Iodine Association (WIA) represents iodine producers, processors, distributors and end users in relevant industry and government bodies. The association offers a central information platform on uses, applications and benefits of iodine for industry and health of humans and animals.

Membership in WIA is open to companies and members not involved in the industry, such as non-profit organisations and civil societies working on projects concerning iodine from their scientific interest.

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