In November 2015, ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences unveiled a search portal for life sciences literature and information called LIVIVO.

A single search portal for life sciences

LIVIVO is based on our previous portals MEDPILOT and GREENPILOT which specialized in medicine and health on the one hand, and nutritional, environmental and agricultural sciences on the other. The launch of LIVIVO has successfully meshed together these two separate fields of life sciences,  enabling users to fully exploit the synergy effects of a common portal. As a result, ZB MED is now able to offer its entire product portfolio of literature and information through a single search portal.

As well as combining the contents of MEDPILOT and GREENPILOT, LIVIVO boasts an enhanced search engine technology from the company Averbis featuring advanced semantic search capabilities.

The MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) thesaurus previously used in MEDPILOT and the Agrovoc and UMTHES thesauri previously used in GREENPILOT have been jointly integrated in the new portal. Keywords from the different thesauri are now offered in parallel for faceted search.

Thanks to the classification of all the data in LIVIVO and the use of automatic cataloguing based on Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), filtering by subject area is available as an additional facet.

These new developments have made it considerably easier for users to filter their searches and obtain more accurate search results.

More and more user-friendly

We are continuously improving the layout of LIVIVO to enhance the overall user experience. By interviewing focus groups – carefully tailored to reflect our target groups from the academic and research communities – we are able to successfully identify the future challenges that a search portal will need to meet. At the same time we are improving the LIVIVO experience by drawing on the results of usability tests, which we are still performing systematically now that the portal is online.

The development of a single search portal for life sciences has provided the foundations we need to offer you additional services in the field of life sciences based on the data and information we provide to our customers.

With your help, we hope to create an ever-more user-friendly portal that is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

We hope you are as enthusiastic about using LIVIVO as we are about creating it! Please send us any feedback you may have on our new search portal.

What services does LIVIVO offer

Would you like to make the most of the LIVIVO experience? Simply choose from the following services:

  • Integrate your link resolver: LIVIVO can insert a specific location-based button which allows users to check whether items in their hit list are available locally in your institution. To set up this service, please send us the following information by email. The name of your institution, your link resolver’s base URL, the URL of the button to be displayed and the range of IP addresses within which the button should appear.
  • LIVIVO search field on your website: Incorporating the LIVIVO search field on your website allows your users to perform searches directly in LIVIVO. To do this, simply follow the instructions on the LIVIVO help pages.
  • Keep up-to-date by reading the latest news about LIVIVO: We are constantly striving to make LIVIVO even better. Check out our LIVIVO news page to read about new functionsand data sources.
  • Still at the planning stage: Online tutorials on LIVIVO.

We are happy to send you advertising materials such as our LIVIVO flyer on request. Please get in touch to find out more!


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