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Campus-wide network (UKLAN)

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Which e-journals /e-books are available in full-text version?
VPN access
Help! I can’t access the network.
Using e-journals / e-books in the reading room
Please respect copyright!

Which e-journals / e-books are available in full-text version?

In its role as a Medical Faculty Library of University of Cologne, ZB MED provides access to full text journals and e-books through the campus network, known in German as “UKLAN”. These media  have been licensed and can be used within the campus network at no charge. Journals are indicated on the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) website by an amber traffic light.

The EZB also catalogues full text open access journals that are available for free over the Internet (indicated by a green traffic light) and paid access journals for which the library has not yet acquired a licence (red traffic light). Even if you cannot access the full text of a journal, the system will generally display its table of contents and abstracts.

VPN access

Faculty, employees and students of the University of Cologne and of the teaching hospitals of the medical faculty can access the UKLAN from outside the campus network by setting up an authenticated connection via a VPN connection. Applications should be submitted to the Computer Centre (“Rechenzentrum”) at the University of Cologne.

How to contact the Computer Centre:
Help and tips
Information on VPN Access

Help! I can’t access the network.

Step 1: Are you online and connected?

Check that your Internet connection is working and that you are connected to the University of Cologne's network.

Step 2: Check your browser settings:

Make sure you are not using a proxy server. Check that your browser options are not set to use a proxy server as follows:

  • Firefox: Tools → Options → Advanced → Network → “No Proxy”
  • MS Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Connections → LAN settings → make sure that "Use a proxy server for your LAN" is NOT checked!

Step 3: Try accessing other items:

Verify that you are also unable to access other items that have a yellow traffic light. As a precaution, experiment with different publishers. Occasionally one publisher's server may be overloaded or offline for maintenance work.

Step 4: Is Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer?

To browse and print PDF files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Alternatively you can try opening the items as HTML files. The latest version of Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe's website.

Step 5: Do you have cookies activated in your browser?

Most publishers' websites require you to accept cookies. Check that you have cookies activated in your browser as follows:

  • Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → Set the “Firefox will” option to “Use custom settings for history” → Check the box "Accept cookies from sites"
  • MS Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Privacy → Adjust your setting for the Internet zone or click Advanced for further options

Step 6: Do you have JavaScript activated in your browser?

Some publishers require JavaScript to be activated before you can use their website.

  • Firefox: Tools → Options → Content → check the box next to “Enable JavaScript"
  • MS Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Security → Custom level → enable "Active Scripting"

Step 7: Contact us for help, please send us an e-mail!

To help us try and solve the problem you will need to supply us with the following information:

  1. Which computer (institute and IP address) are you using to access the full texts?
  2. What are the details of the journal you are trying to access (title, year, issue, article)?
  3. Are you only having problems accessing this particular item or is it a wider problem?

Occasionally publishers might block access to their data for short periods without our knowledge. We are always grateful to have this brought to our attention. We will do our best to reply to your e-mail as soon as possible.

Using e-Journals in the reading room

The library's reading room provides computers with Internet access for research purposes. You will need a library card to use these Internet access points. No word processing software is installed on the computers. You can either print your research results, send them by e-mail, or save them to a USB stick.

Please respect copyright!

The law states that you may only copy small portions of copyright works, short works, or articles from newspapers or journals ("fair use"). Copying entire books, journals or newspapers is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to make copies of graphic representations of musical work (sheet music) unless prior written consent has been obtained  from the author. 

According to German copyright law (§53 UrhG) reproductions may only be made for certain purposes. These include private use, scholary, scientific and acaddemic usage and use in non-commercial educational institutions and vocational training. Works may not be reproduced for profit, either directly or indirecly.

Literature offered in an electronic format may not be systematically downloaded, forwarded, or used for commercial purposes. Users must comply with the license terms applicable in each case.

Reproductions of works made for private or other personal use may not be distributed.

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