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Project aim

Project aim

HemaView is an online portal which allows users to upload high-resolution scans of blood smear samples from the fields of haematology and haematopathology and to discuss specimens with other users. HemaView is edited by scientists and researchers who are also in charge of the peer review process. The majority of the editors are actively involved in providing comprehensive services at university hospitals and are haematologists who already have publications to their name. The portal allows users to highlight and comment on everything from specimen sections to individual cells. This enables scientific debates on the samples to be conducted online. Benefits include the ability to obtain scientific findings and to further develop teaching modules.

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The aim of HemaView is to experiment with the possibilities provided by a portal of this kind in cooperation with haematologists.

The project is under the supervision of Professor Dr. K.-A. Kreuzer of of the University Hospital Cologne.

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The project was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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