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Life sciences research needs a solid infrastructure.

ZB MED carries out the applied research required to achieve this.


Project description GREENPILOT

GREENPILOT was one of ZB MED's search portal. It offered a centralised search engine for the fields of nutritional, environmental and agricultural science.

The goal of the project was to bring together the world’s most important sources of information in the subject areas of nutritional, environmental and agricultural science in order to provide fast, user-friendly access to specialist information from multiple databases.

Project duration

  • 2008 – 2011, the portal has been available online to all users since May 2009.
  • On May 29, 2009, GREENPILOT was awarded the distinction of 'Selected Landmark 2009' in the ‘Germany - Land of Ideas’ initiative.


GREENPILOT is based on a search engine that uses a specially developed search technology. The portal enables users to run comprehensive searches across a variety of databases, with each search simultaneously covering specialist databases, library catalogues, full texts from open access online journals, plus more than 1,000 quality-controlled Web links. Search queries are automatically expanded to include multilingual synonyms and related terms drawn from two specialist thesauri. Users are presented with a hit list sorted by relevance.

GREENPILOT is designed to make the texts it links to as accessible as possible. The list of results includes all the information on each publication that is contained in the databases. Wherever possible, the system allows users to simply click on a search result to access the full text. Otherwise the user is presented with an integrated SFX link which allows them to check whether the document is available through their own science library. GREENPILOT offers the additional option of ordering the document through ZB MED or through a science library that forms part of the Subito document delivery service.

Cooperation partners

GREENPILOT was developed in collaboration with Averbis GmbH.


The GREENPILOT project was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

In November 2015 ZB MED combined the MEDPILOT and GREENPILOT search portals into a new portal called LIVIVO.