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Publication of electronic doctoral and post-doctoral (Habilitation) theses from the medical faculty of the University of Cologne

The doctoral studies regulations issued by the medical faculty of the University of Cologne on 13/08/2008 permit doctoral candidates to submit their dissertation in both print form and electronic form.

For more information, please see § 13 of the doctoral studies regulations (German only).


  • permanently archives your electronic doctoral or post-doctoral (Habilitation) thesis on its repository life sciences,
  • creates references to it in library catalogues, and
  • makes it publicly accessible.

The document is simultaneously archived and referenced at the German National Library in Frankfurt.

The legal conditions under which your electronic doctoral/habilitation thesis is published are set out in a publication agreement  (for doctoral thesis (german version) / for habilitation thesis (german version), which is a mandatory requirement for the acceptance and eventual publication of your work. Please print out two copies of this document. Once all the formalities have been completed, the library will send a signed copy to the Dean's office which will be returned to you for your records.

Digital doctoral and Habilitation theses are published in PDF format. To facilitate long-term archiving, it is essential to provide the PDF document in a non-encrypted and non-protected form – in particular, please check that both copying and printing of the file are permitted.

You can find more details on how to submit your work in the doctoral studies leaflet (in German only) issued by the medical faculty of the University of Cologne.

Please contact the Dean's office for more information:
Phone: 0221 - 478 5354 (doctoral theses)
Phone: 0221- 478 87746 (Habilitation theses)

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