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Information literacy

What do we mean by information literacy?

Information literacy refers to the entire repertoire of knowledge, skills and abilities which enable researchers and students to work in a targeted, efficient and scientific manner. Libraries provide their users with assistance in this area through advisory sessions, training courses, tutorials, etc. In 2013, ZB MED carried out a survey of information specialists in the life sciences arena on the topic of information literacy. The overwhelming majority of those surveyed said they would like to have the support required to provide this service.

What tasks does ZB MED perform in the field of information literacy in the life sciences arena?

In its role as a key centre of information, ZB MED provides the support required by libraries and information institutes in the field of life sciences. We are gradually introducing a range of tools and services:

  • ZB MED will be providing access to video tutorials which demonstrate a variety of services offered by ZB MED.

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