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Wednesday, 14.06.2017

New video turial explains sources of funding for open access publishing fees

In 2016, ZB MED compiled an overview of free video tutorials in German and English on a variety of issues connected to open access. The information was presented in a table with links to the respective videos. During this process we realised that it would be useful to have a video that gave an overview of some of the possible sources of funding for covering open access publishing fees.

We have now been able to fill this gap thanks to the efforts of a student who recently completed her internship at ZB MED as part of her course in Library and Information Science at the Technical University of Cologne. 

Following ZB MED’s guidelines for video tutorials, she developed a storyboard based around a fictitious character and used Animatron software to bring it to life. The video tutorial is now available on YouTube in both German and English, and a citable version in each language has been uploaded to the Specialist Repository for Life Sciences:

Reuse of the tutorial is permitted under Creative Commons licence CC BY ND 4.0.

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